About Us

What We Do

We believe the world is on the cusp of a revolution. By providing customers with control over their own data and insights, brands can empower them to actively participate in shaping their interactions, ensuring that every engagement is tailored to meet their unique needs and preferences. The result is perfectly tailored experiences in the contextual moments that matter.  

Our mission is to enable brands to leverage customer data ethically and transparently, fostering a new era of private personalisation and omni-personal marketing to generate tremendous new value for all.  

Our purpose is to transform the way marketers can connect with customers by prioritising customer empowerment. Through our innovative human-centric technology, we enable brands to deliver hyper-personalized experiences that resonate on a deeply individual level. We facilitate meaningful interactions based on trust, transparency, and consent.  

Together, we’re ushering in a new era of marketing—one where customers are not just passive recipients of messages, but active participants in shaping their own customer journeys and achieving the jobs they want done effortlessly and effectively. 

Who We Are

We are world leaders in human-centric marketing technology, pioneering a new era where consumers move beyond cookie consent pop-ups, to actively participating with their own data, their Zero Party Data (ZPD). Our technology delivers trusted, authentic interactions creating an abundance of new knowledge and new value for all. 

Our international team of expert software engineers, architects and designers have a decade of experience creating technology that puts humans at the centre. They have built the world’s first commercial Personal Data Exchange, mobile personal data vaults/wallets and on device intelligence

Management Team

Our team has been creating human centred commerce solutions using privacy preserving ‘edge data intelligence’ since 2013.

We are world leading experts in Marketing Technology, Zero-Party Data, On Device Data, Edge-AI, Personal Data Wallets and the UX of data consent. 

Our leadership team have deep operational experience and a track record of consistently delivering cutting edge, innovative technology to market. 

StJohn              Deakins

StJohn Deakins

CEO, Co-Founder, London UK

  • Expert in personal data, marketing, ethics & regulation. CLMP
  • Serial entrepreneur across 5 continents
  • Vice- Chair MyData Global
Steve                Castle

Steve Castle

Chairman, Co-Founder, London UK

  • Entrepreneur & Investor in Identity & Privacy Start-ups
  •  35 years at Exec/Board Global Financial Services Co’s
  • Data Ethics Prof
Arda          Dogantemur

Arda Dogantemur

Technical Lead, Co-Founder, Istanbul Turkey

  • Mobile architect and edge data, & in-app intelligence expert
  • Visiting lecturer on Agile & Mobile Dev 
  • MBA in Organisational Learning (published)
Hamit Hasanhocaoglu

Hamit Hasanhocaoglu

Lead Architect, Co-Founder, Istanbul Turkey

  • Backend & Security
  • 10 years military grade info-security
  • Lecturer on Java & Full Stack and innovation development
Anthony            Lynch

Anthony Lynch

Advisor Americas, Atlanta US

  • Seasoned Big 5 Partner
  • Ex-Partner Consulting at PWC and IBM
  • Market Specialist in Customer Relationship Management Tech
  • Team ‘Yoda’