DataSapien for Developers

Accelerate Customer Data Innovation, Powerfully and Safely

Innovate with tools that enable your customers to control their own data and use it to inform their own personal, in-app, intelligence. We foresee a future where customers are given their own personal shoppers, agents, guides and concierges. Providing a place to privately store their Zero-Shared Data, working with their personal AI to generate private personalisation and choose to share data and insights directly as Zero-Party Data.
Our SDK and platform, use decentralised principles and leverage leading open standards, to enable you to deploy in-app data wallets, personal data stores and personal, in-app, intelligence.  
We use privacy-preserving secure and industry-leading standards, such as the Open Wallet Foundation, to streamline secure identity management, authentication, data integration, portability and interoperability.

Our Developer Documentation site provides a ‘living’ overview of our approach, the architecture and guides for implementation.  

The DataSapien SDK For Developers

The DataSapien SDK (Software Development Kit) is world’s ‘Private Personalisation’ software for enterprises.   

Our SDK is an easy to deploy bundle of advanced frontier technologies that, when combined, deliver Private Personalisation

At DataSapien, we prioritise data privacy and data trust. This means that you are able to trust that data has integrity (complete, consented and verified) and that your customers are able to trust what you do with their data.

Build applications confidently, knowing that your users’ privacy and security are at the forefront through a ‘privacy by design’ approach. By entrusting the heavy lifting to DataSapien, you can allocate resources to high-value activities that differentiate your solutions in the market.  

Key Benefits

We are world leading experts in Marketing Technology, Zero-Party Data, On Device Data, Edge-AI, Personal Data Wallets and the UX of data consent. 

Our leadership team have deep operational experience and a track record of consistently delivering cutting edge, innovative technology to market. 

Save Time

We provide comprehensive documentation, purpose-built APIs, and modular SDKs. With our ready-to-use components, shorten your development cycles, avoid reinventing the wheel, and accelerate bringing your innovative solutions to market and gain a competitive edge. 

Unleash Innovation

Unleash Innovation

 Our decentralised approach empowers the freedom to choose and adapt, utilising open standards for compatibility and interoperability. This autonomy fuels creativity, enabling you to explore new possibilities, experiment with novel concepts, and accelerate innovation. 

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Data and AI is risky. We reduce risk with a thoroughly tested and documented solution that has guardrails built in by design. This enables you to enhance operational efficiency, expedite time to market, and optimise budget allocation, while maintaining security, privacy, & scalability.