At DataSapien we are redefining personal data management by empowering customers with unprecedented control over their data. Our innovative, ethical, ‘edge’ technology transforms the way data is gathered, stored, and shared, placing the power firmly in the hands of the individual. Here’s how DataSapien’s approach addresses key ethical considerations with impactful benefits: 

1. Consent and Transparency 

With DataSapien technology, customers gain the autonomy to select which brand and 360º life data to gather directly on their devices. This enables confidential processing of data, allowing customers to glean valuable insights in complete privacy. Subsequently, individuals can make informed decisions about which data and insights to share with brands, ensuring a transparent value exchange based on explicit consent. This model fosters a deeper trust between brands and customers, paving the way for more meaningful and consent-based interactions. 

2. Purpose Limitation 

DataSapien places the decision-making power regarding data purpose in the hands of the customer. By allowing individuals to combine their life data with brand data, such as shopping history. Customers can then choose to share high-value insights like topics, interests, or segmentation information with brands. Meanwhile, the most sensitive personal information remains confidential and secure on their device. This approach not only adheres to the principle of purpose limitation but elevates it to data participation, ensuring data serves beneficial uses that align with both DataSapien’s values and those of our users. 

3. Data Minimisation and Accuracy 

By enabling customers to process data on their own devices, DataSapien maximises safe data collection while enhancing the value of the derived information. This model allows for the sharing of a precise number of high-value data points with brands, revolutionising data minimisation. Additionally, by verifying data at the source, DataSapien ensures unparalleled accuracy and integrity, surpassing the efficacy of traditional data collection methods. 

4. Security and Protection 

DataSapien’s edge architecture offers inherent security advantages over centralised systems, which often become targets for malicious actors. Our commitment to data security is reflected in our use of advanced encryption, rigorous access controls, and comprehensive policies that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user data. This architecture minimises risks and safeguards personal information against breaches. 

5. Respect for User Rights 

At its core, DataSapien’s approach embodies a profound respect for user rights, offering individuals complete control over their personal data. Our platform facilitates easy access to, rectification, erasure, and transfer of personal information, empowering users to make informed decisions regarding their data. By providing options to opt-out of processing activities, we champion user autonomy and ethical data practices. 

DataSapien is pioneering a future where personal data management is transparent, secure, human-centric and user-controlled. Our technology not only meets ethical considerations but sets a new standard for personal data handling, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to privacy, security, and customer empowerment.