In the ever-evolving landscape of customer loyalty programs, a new trusted trio is emerging: Zero-Party Data, Omni-Personal Marketing, and On-Device Personal Data Wallets.  

These three elements, when combined and integrated into loyalty program apps, have the potential to redefine customer loyalty, enhancing engagement, personalisation, and trust. The end game is to massively enhance a brand’s ability to full their customer need and in doing so, enhance revenues and long-term profits. In this blog post, we’ll explore why this combination is a game-changer. 

Zero-Party Data: A Voluntary Gift of Insight 

Zero-Party Data (0PD) is data shared voluntarily by customers directly with brands. Unlike traditional data sources, which often rely on third-party information or inferred preferences, 0PD is explicitly provided by the customers themselves. This data can range from preferences and purchase intentions to more profound insights into a customer’s lifestyle, behaviours, aspirations, and values. 

When integrated into loyalty program apps, 0PD becomes a powerful tool for customer engagement. Customers willingly share data because they see value in doing so. This data serves as a valuable foundation for tailoring loyalty rewards and experiences to individual preferences and needs. By tapping into 0PD, loyalty programs can create a more meaningful and personalised relationship with customers, strengthening their loyalty and advocacy. Critically, for a customer to share data, implies that they must first hold it, and be in control of it. Enter on-device Personal Data Wallets and Vaults.  

On-Device Personal Data Wallets and Apps: Security and Control 

We are all becoming increasingly ‘Data Conscious’. A key concern for customers is data safety: its privacy and security. They want assurance that their data is protected and that it is under their control. On-device personal data wallets and apps address these concerns by giving customers the power to gather, manage and share their data securely and on their own terms. 

When integrated into loyalty program apps, these data wallets provide a secure repository for customers to store and manage their 0PD. This not only instils trust but also empowers customers to control who can access their data and for what purposes. Loyalty program apps evolve to become a safe space for customers to interact, participate and co-create with brands, knowing that their data is handled with care and respect. 

Omni-Personal Marketing: The Ultimate Customer Connection 

Omni-Personal Marketing goes beyond traditional personalisation and so called ‘hyper-personalisation’. It puts the customer at the centre of their own experiences and interactions with the brand by moving intelligence to the customers own data: their own on-device intelligence and on their own devices.  

For the brand it’s about effortlessly delivering seamless and highly relevant experiences across all touch-points and channels, consistently reflecting the customer’s preferences, context and jobs that they need to be done. When loyalty program apps are infused with omni-personal marketing capabilities, the result is an unprecedented level of customer engagement and delight. 

Imagine a loyalty program app that not only knows a customer’s purchase history but also understands their recent life events, interests, and current location. With 0PD and omni-personal marketing working together, this app can offer promotions, rewards, and experiences that are not just personalised but highly contextual and timely.

The Synergy of the Power Trio 

The true power of the combination of Zero-Party Data, On-Device Personal Data Wallets and Omni-Personal Marketing lies in their synergy. Together, they create a loyalty ecosystem that’s built on trust, relevance, and value. 

  • Trust: On-device personal data wallets ensure that customers have confidence in the security and privacy of their data. This trust is the foundation of a strong customer-brand relationship. 
  • Relevance: 0PD provides the insights needed to make loyalty program rewards and offers highly relevant to each customer’s preferences and context. 
  • Value: Omni-personal marketing delivers experiences that are not just personalised but also timely and contextual, enhancing the perceived value of the loyalty program. 
  • Engagement: The seamless integration of these elements in loyalty program apps fosters deep customer engagement, making customers feel truly valued and understood. 

Case in Point: The Coffee Loyalty App 

Let’s take the example of a Retail loyalty app. By combining 0PD, Omni-Personal Marketing, and on-device data wallets and apps, this app becomes a customer-centric powerhouse.

It knows all of the usual stuff: when a customer typically visits the store, what they tend to buy and how much they spend. The Customer app (not the retailer!) can now also know about household makeup, lifestyle needs, dietary requirements, media habits, day to day app usage and more. Armed with this data, the in-app intelligence can share confidential, omni-personalised suggestions and offers.

In the example below, a customer named Lauren currently shops once a week with a Retailer. She is used to using the Retailer’s loyalty app to see (and occasionally use) generic special offers, and she collects points for discounts on her shopping.

With her upgraded Omni-personal App Lauren’s experience is hugely enhanced. She has privately shared that she is training for her first 10K fun run and added her daily step count. She has also privately shared to her app that she is on a high energy Paleo diet. The app provides her with suggestions (and discount offers) that align with her current life goals. It also offers her a free paleo smoothie to pick up at the store on her way home from the gym. Lauren feels understood and that the store is helping her with real-life jobs. She participates in her own customer experience, using her own data; she appreciates the support; she feels valued.

The store is now earning a long term brand connection with Lauren, increasing delight, spend and lifetime customer value.

This is a simple example. I’m sure, dear reader, that you can imagine many more, and better, ways that the retailer and a ‘data empowered’ Lauren can cooperate to improve her customer journey, too.

Redefining Customer Loyalty 

The fusion of Zero-Party Data, Omni-Personal Marketing, and On-Device Personal Data Wallets has the potential to redefine customer loyalty programs. These elements create a loyalty ecosystem that prioritises trust, relevance, and value. By integrating them into loyalty program apps, brands can foster deeper customer engagement, enhance personalisation, and build stronger, lasting relationships with their customers. It’s not just a loyalty program; it’s a loyalty transformation. 

At DataSapien we are offering the technology to make this happen. Get in contact at if you’d like to know more. We’d love to hear from you.

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